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St John's station site considered as a potential "Investments Zone"

Cauldwell Ward Councillors Abu Sultan and Fouzia Atiq welcome the news St John's station site is being considered as one of two potential "Investments Zones" in Bedford Borough.

The government’s proposals have yet to be fully set out, but the Council has agreed to move to the next stage of the process. The proposal is at a very early stage, but if it were to go ahead should bring much needed investment into the ward.

Cllrs Atiq and Sultan said: "We welcome the news that Cauldwell is potentially one of two areas being considered for Investment Zones.

We agree with the comments the Mayor has made ‘that the Council will need firm guarantees on environmental matters, affordable housing and the threshold for non-domestic rate income before Bedford Borough could agree to become involved’."

They added, “As Cauldwell councillors we welcome investment into the ward. The area has so much potential and we are striving to make Cauldwell one of the best wards in Bedford Borough to work and live in."

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