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Cllr Fouzia Zamir Atiq
Borough Councillor for Cauldwell
Mobile 07494 890283

Having  lived in Cauldwell ward for 17 years, Fouzia knows the area well.  She is married and mother of three children who go to Peter Pan Nursery and the local Cauldwell school.


Fouzia is hard working and  is regularly out and about in Cauldwell listening to residents’ concerns and views, that could be speaking with parents outside school and nursery, or by spending hours every week knocking on hundreds of doors to ask if there’s anything she can help with.


Fouzia and Cllr Abu Sultan hold a monthly surgery at Morrison’s in Ampthill Road


A passionate supporter of Labour Party values, Fouzia is proud to be the first Asian female councillor for Cauldwell ward.  


She is known for being ‘local and vocal’ about the issues that matter and has played a big role in the local community including:

  • Attending regular meetings with local PCSO and Bedford Borough to deter and prevent the crime like drugs, fly tipping and anti-social behaviour in Cauldwell ward.

  • Member of Cauldwell Community Centre Management Committee

  • Taking an active part in campaigns such as SSC (Save Our Schools against the proposed actions of Heart Multi-Academy Trust), Save Bedford Hospital, Save our National Rail (re Bedford East Midland Train Service) and also taking part in Cauldwell community litter picking.

Fouzia said, "My plans as a local councillor include:-

  • Bring different communities together to help and make a peaceful, safe, attractive, clean and welcoming ward for everyone

  • Stand together with community to protect schools and nurseries

  • Fight for funding for local services

  • Run awareness campaigns to educate the local residents of their rights.

  • Motivating people from different communities to take an active part in local campaigns.


Fouzia is a member of the Trade Union USDAW and has a Batchelor of Science degree in Botany and Zoology .

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Cllr Abu Sultan
Borough Councillor for Cauldwell
Mobile: 07732 193 752

Abu has lived in the local area for over thirty years and attended local schools – just like his three children do now.

A tireless campaigner, Abu is committed to the local community. Always incredibly supportive and helpful, he has been vigorous in his efforts to engage those most affected by the callous, austerity driven politics.

Abu was a key member of the organising committee of 'Save Our Riverbank Ward' fighting to retain the children's essential services at Bedford Hospital. The fight was successful and services were reinstated. Abu is also a member of Hands of Bedford Hospital, and the simple objective of the group is to prevent the downgrading and loss of key services at Bedford Hospital.

In previous years Abu has been a very active volunteer for various causes including;

* serving as a Special Constable with Bedfordshire police.

* Queen’s Park Community Orchard

* Oxfam

* Cancer Research UK

Unfortunately, Abu had to give up his volunteering activities due to  cancer in early 2018. Successful treatments and surgery has enabled him to restart his volunteering activities most notably with Macmillan.


Abu is passionate and supportive of Bedford Hospital and all who work or volunteer for it and has been involved in various campaigns to save key services.

Abu says, “I believe passionately in our party’s values of equality, tolerance, community and solidarity. I want to help our Labour councillors continue to put those values into action in Cauldwell ward and Bedford borough as a whole. I want to be your representative because I want to achieve social justice and a better start in life for the poorest in society; irrespective of schooling or background everyone can become the best. In a fair society that means affordable social and private housing, thriving schools, local access to healthcare, employment and good transport links; a decent living for all whether self-employed, the young or elderly, or families."

Abu is member Unite the Union and Usdaw the Union and has helped to organise many campaigns


Cllr Fouzia Zamir and Cllr Abu Sultan were elected to represent Cauldwell Ward in the Borough Council election on 2 May 2019.

They follow in the footsteps of two hard working and highly respected councillors, Sue Oliver and Randolph Charles, and they are determined to achieve the same high standard and good reputation as Sue and Randolph.

Their pledges include;

* Work with the police and council to keep our young people safe

* Fight for funding for local services

* Remain totally committed and available to the residents of Cauldwell all year round

* Tackle all types of anti-social behaviour, fly tipping and littering. Work with Bedfordshire police to tackle theft and drug dealing

* Continue with measures to reduce speed on our roads and to monitor current limits

* Make sure that Cauldwell is a pleasant and safe place to live, work and visit.

* Seek to convert abandoned or derelict land into green areas, planting of orchards, plants and creation of wildlife sanctuary for local residents to enjoy