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Kempston South Ward is represented by Cllr Carl Meader. He has a reputation for getting things done.

He works hard all year round to get the best for Kempston. 

Carl was re-elected as a Bedford Borough Councillor to represent Kempston South in the local election on 2 May 2019.

Carl and Shaun Bowman were elected to represent Kempston  South in the Town council election.

2017 07 Carl Meader FAVOURITE.jpg
Cllr Carl Meader
Bedford Borough candidate
and Kempston Town Council councillor for Kempston South
Tel: 01234 857621

Carl has lived in Kempston for over 55 yrs. He was brought up and educated here and knows and understands the problems that affect us all.


Carl is concerned about anti social behaviour and crime. He's  vociferously spoken up for better policing for the area and regularly attends the local Community Safety Forums.


Well known as a highly respected and experienced Borough Councillor and Kempston Town Councillor, Carl has a proven track record of getting things done to improve the local area.


Above all Carl is local and always available to listen to residents' views and concerns. He believes Kempston is a great place to live but knows there is still room for improvement. As your councillor, Carl will continue to work hard to achieve this.


Before the election, Cllr Carl Meader said:

"I would like to continue to serve as your local Councillor.

I hope you will vote for me so I can carry on the work I've been doing on your behalf to get the best for our local community.

My priorities include:

  • Reducing crime and anti social behaviour.

  • Taking action against graffiti, litter, vandalism and fly-tipping.

  • Ensuring issues with pavements, potholes and street lights are reported quickly.

  • Caring for the environment ,reducing waste,increasing recycling.

  • Improving Bedford and Kempston as a better place to live, work, shop and enjoy!

2019 03 Shaun Bowman.jpeg
Kempston Town Councillor
Tel: 07905 780 603
Cllr Shaun Bowman

Shaun lives in Kempston South ward. He and Carl were elected unopposed for Kempston South Town Council.

Shaun has had a wide ranging career in business covering accounting, education and outsourcing. He has experience of working for small businesses, multinationals and also the public sector.

Shaun has lived and brought up his family in Kempston South over the last 30 years and as a Labour candidate for the area is determined to work towards positive outcomes for local residents.


Having worked in education at both ends of the spectrum (Early Years and University level) and served as an academy governor, he is especially interested in contributing to activities that allow the young people of Kempston South to achieve their potential.

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