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Cllr Sue Oliver was elected as Borough Councillor for Kempston North Ward in the Borough elections on 2 May 2019.  

She has a reputation for getting things done and working hard all year round to get the best for Kempston North. 

Sue and Sam Blacklaws were elected unopposed for the Kempston Town Council election.

2017 07 Sue Oliver (5).jpg
Cllr Sue Oliver
Borough Councillor and Kempston Town Councillor for Kempston North 
Tel: 01234 303029

Sue was first elected as a Borough Councillor in 2002. She has also served as a Kempston Town Councillor since 1997.

Sue knows Kempston very well, having lived in the town for 36 years, the last 23 in Loveridge Avenue, right in the heart of the ward.

Having been a member of the Executive and the Labour Group Leader, she has a vast knowledge of how the Council works.

Sue is a respected Councillor who works hard and uses her experience to get things done.

Kempston(N) 1.png
Kempston(N) 2.png
2019 03 Sam Blacklaws.png
Cllr Sam Blacklaws

Kempston North Town Councillor
Tel: 07513 705791

Sam lives and works and lives in Kempston and is pleased to have made it his home. After graduating university with a BA in politics he chose to move to the area and began working for a local business.

He has found Kempston a welcoming and friendly place to settle, but also one which is struggling under a government cutting services and funding.

Sam believes it is vital for residents to be represented by people fighting for their interests. He will be the youngest Councillor elected to the Town Council for nearly fifty years and wants to ensure that younger members of the community have their views taken into account.

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