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Labour welcomes plans for improved route to Great Denham.

Kempston’s Labour Councillors have long pressed for an upgrade to the “back-channel” bridge that connects the path from Kempston Mill Bridge across the floodplain to Great Denham.

Restored some years ago, it’s a stepped, narrow construction that’s impossible for mobility impaired residents to negotiate and very difficult for cyclists and parents with buggies.

There is now planned improvement to the bridge which will, as part of the programme of capital improvement for Kempston, be ramped and widened to make it inclusive for all residents.

More recently, Labour Councillors have pushed for the path between the bridges – a frequently used right of way - to also be upgraded to make a fully accessible route. Currently, the path is muddy and rutted for up to six months a year. They are very pleased that their demands have finally been acceded to and a new path with an all-weather surface will be installed.

Cllr James Valentine (Labour, Kempston West) said, “For as long as I’ve represented the area residents have asked for this route to be improved. Facilities such as the playground, café, and running track will now be in easy reach. I’m sure Great Denham pedestrians and cyclists will equally benefit from better access to Kempston.”

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