Kempston Central & East Ward is represented by Cllr Mohammed Nawaz and Cllr Kay Burley.

Cllr Mohammed Nawaz was re-elected and Cllr Kay Burley was elected as the two Labour councillors in the Borough Council election on 2 May 2019.

They have a reputation for getting things done.

They work hard all year round to get the best for Kempston. 

2017 07 Nawaz (2).jpg
Cllr Mohammed Nawaz
Borough Councillor and Kempston Town Councillor for Kempston Central & East 
Tel: 07786 160607

Cllr Mohammed Nawaz was first elected in 2011 to represent Kempston Central and East Ward. Over the past nine years he has gained a reputation for working hard to make sure his ward is a pleasant place to live, work and visit.

In May 2020, Nawaz was unanimously elected by Full Council

 to be Deputy Speaker of Bedford Borough Council for the year 2020-2021.

Nawaz is regularly out and about in his ward, reporting repairs and getting them fixed and continuously seeking improvements. He has many achievements that have benefitted the community.

Councillor Nawaz makes himself easily accessible to the residents he represents. As well as being available by phone and email, he holds regular “Drop-In” surgeries at Project 229 and Sainsbury’s where residents can bring their concerns and know they will get action from him.

Nawaz takes his position on the council very seriously and has been given the responsibility of Chair of the important Standards and Audit committee. He is also a member of the Children’s Services Committee in which he takes a keen interest. 

in 2018, Nawaz organised a special conference with two themes - first Child Sexual Exploitation in the morning and Adoption in the afternoon. The conference was well attended and Nawaz received great thanks for initiating it.

Working with the different local communities Nawaz is well known for attending local faith places, such as the gurdwara, churches and temples.

Cllr Nawaz has spent his ward fund carefully on things that improve the area. One example was providing bulbs for a strip of untidy land in Jowitt Avenue. He worked with residents digging and clearing the site before planting the bulbs.

2019 01 Kay Burley.jpg
Cllr Kay Burley

Borough Councillor and Kempston Town Councillor (Leader) for Kempston Central and East

Tel: 01234 843805


Cllr Kay Burley says: "I am a  ‘people person’ and have lived in the Kempston community for almost 50 years and during that time I have witnessed many changes in the area.


I feel very proud and privileged to have served the community as a past Mayor of Kempston and chair of the former County Council.


During my many years as a County councillor I was particularly involved with education and equal opportunities. I have been a school governor at Springfield, Daubeney and Hastingsbury (KCA) and a former chair of all. I am now a member of the governing body of Camestone Primary School.

Currently I am leader of Kempston Town Council. Being a member of both the Borough Council and Kempston Town brings distinct advantages as issues are often interlinked.

As an experienced councillor I understand the complex needs of the community and will use my knowledge to help and support residents to solve their problems. I believe it is important to be available and approachable to represent the vibrant community of Kempston Central and East.

I believe passionately in community spirit and social justice. Mutual respect and support are the pillars of a good society and I will do my utmost to foster and encourage these values in our community."

Kay's and Nawaz's pledges for Kempston Central and East are:
  • Remain totally committed and available to residents of Kempston Central and East.

  • Work with the police, council and others to keep people safe and help prevent crime and anti-social behaviour.

  • Maintain and enhance our green spaces.

  • Press for more resurfacing of roads and pavements- including dropped curbs for easier access.

  • Tackle all types of fly tipping, dog fouling and littering.

  • Encourage good relationships with and between everyone in the community