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Mohammad Yasin MP votes for more funding for NHS

Mohammad Yasin MP writes:

Today, I voted in the House of Commons to give more funding to the NHS, which would have seen an additional £26bn in real terms pumped into health services in England.

With the Queen’s Speech debate back in parliament today , the Labour Party secured focus on funding for health and social care services.

In a parliamentary procedure known as a ‘regret motion’, Labour made the case for increasing funding for the NHS and social care, and exposed the failings of the Conservative Government’s Queen’s Speech in relation to the NHS.

The Prime Minister and the Health Secretary are repeatedly saying they are giving the NHS the biggest ever cash injection, but it's not true when inflation is considered.

Prior to 2010, the long-term funding increases in the NHS were 4% per year. The Tories’ commitment is an increase of just 3.1%, and there have been huge cuts to social care on top.

Labour forced a vote to get parliament’s backing to fund the NHS by an additional four per cent a year and called for the Government to bring forward a plan to end the crisis in social care. The motion was voted down by the government.

You can read my speech here.

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