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Labour supports keeping primary schools closed

Bedford Borough Labour Councillors support teaching unions in their call to delay the reopening of primary schools.

The group said, “We believe that additional measures are necessary to keep school staff and our communities safe at this time, particularly in view of Bedford Borough’s very high - and increasing - rates of Covid-19 infection.

The Borough has a higher rate of infection than that of some of the London Boroughs where the Government has closed primary schools.

We recognise that the delay in reopening will cause parents and teachers a lot of concern, but there really are no options left to bring this virus under control in our communities.

The Government have failed to implement a clear strategy for our schools, and teaching staff have been placed in an impossible position.

It is extremely regrettable that the Education Secretary still refuses to acknowledge scientific advice, and maintains his inconsistent position on school re-openings.”

The Labour councillors join Bedford and Kempston MP Mohammad Yasin and Mayor Dave Hodgson in calling for primary schools in Bedford Borough to remain closed to all but key worker children and vulnerable families.

James Valentine, Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services & Education said : “Children are better off in school, and it is with reluctance I support this demand, but with the virus spreading so rapidly we simply must protect teachers and support staff and the wider community.”

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