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Labour publishes 2023 local election manifesto “Renew Bedford Borough”

Today, Bedford Borough Labour Party has published its 2023 local election manifesto with a particular focus on five key pledges:

  1. Renew Bedford Borough

  2. Protect and improve local health services.

  3. Zero tolerance on antisocial behaviour.

  4. Prioritise the climate emergency.

  5. A quality education for all.

Commenting on the manifesto, Labour Mayoral candidate Saqhib Ali said:

“Labour here in Bedford Borough has a proven record of standing up for residents by protecting front-line services and advocating for the change we need in our communities.

“Along with a future Labour government and your local Labour councillors, as Mayor I will remain wholly committed and available to residents, working on your behalf all year round. Labour Councillors have continually raised residents' concerns, campaigned to defend services, led the way on climate issues, and sought funding from central government to renew our Borough.

“This manifesto reflects the concerns residents have raised, and delivers a positive vision for the future of Bedford Borough. All of your Labour representatives will strive to work with the local community and organisations, with the common aim of making life in Bedford Borough the best it can be for all of our residents.

“Labour will deliver a cohesive plan to realise Bedford's potential across the whole Borough, driving sustained social and economic renewal based on what residents want for the future of our towns, suburbs, and villages, not the past.

“Labour will carry out a comprehensive consultation with residents on the future of our Borough, "Unlocking the Town Centre," to establish what the community needs from its Council.

“Renewal of Bedford Borough in any form will be centred around the local economy. This means incentivising residents and businesses to spend more of their money locally, building community wealth, and drawing investment to the Borough.

“Labour will support our innovative small businesses in providing a vibrant leisure experience and will explore the possibility of creating an indoor market space in Bedford Town Centre. This will support small businesses and offer visitors to the town centre a broader range of entertainment activities.

“A Labour Council will be on your side working for residents. Send a message to the Government and Council that you want a fresh start. Vote Labour on the 4th May.

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