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NHS waiting times under Tories are national disgrace

Following on from the previous post regarding Labour's plan to save our NHS, figures show that 2,018 patients waited longer than 18 weeks for treatment at Bedford NHS Trust. These figures are a national disgrace. The number of people waiting longer for urgent cancer treatment has tripled under the Tories – and the terrible impact of cuts on waiting lists is visible here in Bedford and Kempston too. Now it is being reported that A&E waiting times are at their worst on record. We can do better.

Mohammad Yasin Labour’s Candidate in Bedford and Kempston, says:

"I hear all too often that people cannot get appointments with GPs, long waits for hospital treatments and even delays to urgent ambulance cases. I say enough is enough.

The wonderful staff and team at Bedford Hospital do their best, providing high-quality care to patients. They need the proper funding, support and resources to continue to deliver high-quality care and meet their targets.

This general election is about millions on waiting lists and hundreds of thousands who’ve waited on trolleys under the Tories – only Labour has a plan to rescue our NHS."

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