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Cauldwell Labour Councillors & Public Health Zoom Meeting

Due to the worrying trend in covid cases increases in Cauldwell, Cllr Fouzia Zamir and Cllr Abu Sultan held a meeting with Cllr Louise Jackson, Portfolio holder for Health and Wellbeing and representatives from Public Health team.

Abu said: "We have agreed on a few points to act on, specifically how we can improve and increase engagement with our communities, particularly with those who might be detached from the wider communities due to a number of factors.

To follow on from this meeting, we would like to invite residents of Cauldwell to a virtual chat. We would like to hear your views on the impact of Covid_19 and the current lockdown has had on you and our communities in Cauldwell.

We'd also like discuss the resources and support available and what additional help and support Bedford Borough Council can provide in these challenging times? Cllr Louise Jackson and representatives from Public Health team will also be in attendance.

If you would like to attend this virtual chat please do contact us. Details on

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