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Tory Budget Blow to Kempston

No £15 Million ‘Levelling Up Fund’ from Government

Bedford & Kempston Labour politicians have voiced their anger and disappointment at the announcement yesterday (Weds 27th October), that Kempston would not be awarded any of the money from the ‘Levelling Up Fund’.

Kay Burley, Leader of Kempston Town Council and a Borough Councillor for Kempston said;

“It is a massively disappointing blow to people in Kempston that the bid has been rejected. Once again Kempston has missed out on much needed funding. It would have been used to enhance the Saxon Centre, make a contribution to a Kempston medical hub, and to refurbish some roads and pavements. Areas of our town continue to deteriorate due to lack of central government investment. Hardly a budget for the 'new age of optimism’, for Kempston!”

Sue Oliver, Bedford Borough Labour Group Leader and Councillor for Kempston North added;

“It is extremely frustrating that yet again the needs of Kempston have been overlooked by the Tory Government. This is the problem with a system of bidding for funds rather than an ongoing, fairly divided allocation of money for our towns which would allow us to plan a steady programme of improvements. We will keep fighting to get our fair share.”

Mohammad Yasin, MP for Bedford & Kempston said:

“This Conservative Government found money in yesterday's budget for champagne drinkers and people taking domestic flights, yet have rejected this much needed funding bid which had both a strong economic and social case. Actions speak louder than words and this is yet another example of the Government ignoring the real needs of our towns.”

“I stand with local Councillors in calling for Kempston to receive the funding it deserves. Labour would invest in our towns and the priorities that really matter to people.

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