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New mobile CCTV camera for Cauldwell Ward

Cauldwell Ward councillors Fouzia Zamir Atiq and Abu Sultan have used some of their ward funds to purchase another mobile CCTV camera for use in Cauldwell. The camera can be moved from place to place and is presently on Sandhurst Road and Derwent Place.

Residents in this area have consistently highlighted to the councillors their concerns about anti-social behaviour and the nuisance of flytipping. The Councillors are hoping the camera will help deter anti-social behaviour and flytipping in the area, or help to identify those responsible.

Councillor Sultan said, "This is what being Councillors is all about, listening to people and investing in projects that will benefit them.”

Councillor Zamir Atiq added, “Local people deserve to be safe, and feel safe in our community. That's why we didn't hesitate to invest in an extra CCTV camera. If there are other areas where residents think a camera may be useful please let us know."

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