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New CCTVs installed in Ampthill Road area to deter anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is a big concern raised by residents of the Ampthill Road area with Cauldwell Councillors Abu Sultan and Fouzia Atiq.

Working with officers from Bedford Borough Council, the Councillors identified two key areas to install the CCTV based on information provided by residents. The CCTV cameras have now been installed on Ampthill Road opposite Bedford Hospital and in the alleyway linking Victoria Road with Edward Road.

Now they have been installed, initial response from local residents is very positive, and they are pleased their concerns were listened to and acted on by their Councillors.

Councillors Abu Sultan and Fouzia Atiq said; "Keeping residents safe is one of the top priorities for us, and with the support of Bedford Borough Community Safety Team and Bedfordshire Community Policing Team we are pleased the council can provide this extra security for these two areas. The CCTVs are aimed at clamping down on crime and making the area safer and cleaner."

The Councillors added, "The alleyway has been the subject to criminal activity, making life a misery for the residents overlooking it. We're also pleased with the installation of the CCTV on Ampthill Road, as many female employees of Bedford hospital said they felt unsafe walking home in the evenings and at night times."

Cauldwell resident and Labour candidate for 2023 Harish Thapar added, "Improving and extending CCTV coverage in Cauldwell will help to deter crime and anti-social behaviour, so residents can feel safer.”

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