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Labour will make work pay

Those that are in work should not have to rely on benefits. In work poverty should not be plaguing our country and that is why Labour will make work pay.

We will raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour immediately, giving workers who earn the national minimum wage at least £9,000 more by 2024 than the Tories.

Mohammad Yasin, Labour’s Candidate in Bedford and Kempston, says:

"Over the last two years my office and I have dealt with so many cases of people who are in work but are struggling to provide for their family. Their stories have been heartbreaking and I will do all I can to put an end to this national disgrace.

Labour has also pledged not to raise income tax or national insurance contributions for the bottom 95% of earners, this means a worker on the minimum wage will be at least £6,000 better off under a Labour Government after tax.

By eradicating in work poverty we will support families to live a better life all while decreasing the cost of our benefits system."

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