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Labour promise 30 hours free childcare for 3,156 Bedford and Kempston children

Local Labour Candidate Mohammad Yasin has welcomed the announcement of the extension of free childcare for children aged 2-4 in Bedford and Kempston.

The policy was announced on the 9th November where Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner also outlined Labour’s £1 billion investment to reverse the Conservatives’ cuts to Sure Start and open 1,000 new centres in England.

The announcement goes further than the recent proposals by the Liberal Democrats. Labour’s expansion of 30 hours of free childcare will benefit over 880,000 three and four year olds, and over 500,000 two year olds by the end of the Parliament.

The news comes as new analysis shows childcare costs have risen twice as fast as wages under the Tories.

This policy news is in addition to other family focused policies already announced including providing free school meals to all primary school children and investments in our schools to reverse nearly a decade of cuts to education.

Mohammad Yasin Labour’s Candidate in Bedford and Kempston, said:

“As a local parent, I understand just how much easier this will make life easier for young families.

I am delighted to see so many child friendly policies being announced by Labour because I understand how many families have felt forgotten and let down by this Tory Government.

Labour will make high-quality early years education and access to Sure Start Plus a right for all families.”

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