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"Don’t take it out on Bedford Borough", Labour Group Leader tells Chancellor

Councillor Sue Oliver, Leader of the Labour Group at Bedford Borough Council has today written to the new Chancellor to stand up for residents of Bedford Borough – and insist our community shouldn’t pay the price for the economic crisis made in Downing Street.

On Monday 17 October, the fourth Chancellor in four months, Jeremy Hunt announced plans to cut public spending following the disastrous mini-budget – with the vital services provided by our local council expected to be in the firing line on 31st October.

Cllr Sue Oliver

Labour’s Sue Oliver has today written to the Chancellor to insist that the Conservatives in Downing Street clean up their own mess without hammering families in Bedford Borough. At the same time, Bedford Borough Labour Group is calling on Conservative Councillors to put this community first ahead of party loyalty and join the fight to defend council services.

In the letter Sue Oliver writes:

“The country faces an economic crisis made in Downing Street.”

“The Conservatives' reckless mini-budget has crashed the economy – and working people in Bedford Borough are already paying the price. Mortgages are up, rents are rising, prices are soaring and the cost of borrowing has gone through the roof. We are all poorer as a result of that catastrophic mistake, and for what? To pay for unfunded tax cuts for the richest in society. The Bank of England has been forced to intervene, and your party has created a multi-billion pound black hole in the nation’s finances.”

“No one was talking about spending cuts before the Conservatives tanked the British economy.”

“None of us voted for this ridiculous failed experiment – and our area shouldn’t be punished for your mistakes. Local services were already under serious strain due to rampant inflation, soaring interest rates, and rising demand. 12 years of Conservative austerity have had a huge impact on local authorities.”

Children, vulnerable and elderly adults need our support, roads need to be repaired, we have to bring down crime, children need after-school clubs, bins have to be emptied, streets must be kept clean. We need to build affordable housing, and we need to invest in the support that business needs to thrive.”

“Families shouldn’t lose services and support to cover the cost of your incompetence. While you were crashing the economy, we have been fighting to try and get more support and services to the people that need it. Our residents shouldn’t pay the price for your failure.”

“Our community must always come first. This isn’t about party loyalty, this is about a government that has lost control of the economy, and is now eyeing up cuts to our services – support our residents rely on – to cover the costs of an economic crisis made in Downing Street.”

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