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Kempston Labour Councillors welcome repairs to Kempston Mill Bridge

Kempston Labour Councillors have welcomed the news that works will finally begin to repair and reopen Kempston Mill Bridge on Monday 10 January.

Bedford Borough Councillor for Kempston West James Valentine has led the fight to get these works underway.

The right of way over this bridge was closed due to rotting planks causing structural concerns, making the bridge unsafe.

James said; “The Mill bridge was very well used, I know Kempston residents have greatly missed the access to Great Denham and the surrounding countryside. I’m sure everyone will look forward to using the bridge again and I hope it will be robustly repaired as soon as possible.”

Bedford Borough Labour Group Leader Sue Oliver said, “Throughout the pandemic more people have taken to walking in the countryside for exercise and relaxation, and the bridge being closed for so long has been an impediment to enjoying the beautiful riverside walks. I’m glad these works are finally underway.”

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