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Improvement to lighting and footpath on Victoria Road

Councillors Fouzia Atiq and Abu Sultan are pleased with the progress of works to improve both the street lights and the surface of the footpath on Victoria Road.

Residents frequently raised concerns that the lighting was inadequate on Victoria Road and said they felt unsafe after dark.

Councillors Atiq and Sultan asked Bedford Borough Council Officers to look into this, and the lighting has since been improved.

Residents have provided positive feedback and stated how much safer they feel now.

The councillors also inspected the replacement of the damaged paving slabs which were a major health and safety concern and causes of slips and trips. (See photos).

Fouzia and Abu said: "The safety and well-being of our residents is paramount. The lighting has definitely improved and has made our residents feel a little safer in their own neighbourhood. We are also pleased with the progress of the works in replacing the damaged paving slabs and wish to thank Bedford Borough Council for implementing these works after we had alerted them to these issues..

We will always listen to concerns raised by our residents and act on them where it is possible for us to do so".

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