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Double yellow lines installed in Offa Road

Councillors Fouzia Zamir Atiq and Abu Sultan are pleased the double yellow lines are being installed at Offa Road at their request.

A concerned parent raised the issues of safety of children who often use this junction as a point of crossing on their way to the park. Parked cars either side of the road create too many blind spots for road users. Due to the numerous near misses, there was the potential for a serious accident.

Abu & Fouzia said; "We are pleased the double yellow lines are being installed here. This junction is used frequently by children to access the park area.

The safety of children and other road users is paramount. Having these double yellow lines at this point of the junction will hopefully create a better clear line of vision for all road users, and prevent any accidents from happening.

We will always listen to what our residents tell us and act on the feedback where it is appropriate to do so. You can always contact us via email, our email addresses are; Cllr Fouzia Zamir

Cllr Abu Sultan 'Working for you all year round and not just at election time'

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