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Councillors Welcome New Zebra Crossing on Elstow Road

Cauldwell Councillors Abu Sultan and Fouzia Zamir are delighted that the new zebra crossing on Elstow Road in Bedford has been installed ahead of time as part of the wider scheme of road works, and will soon be operational.

Cllr Fouzia Zamir said; "It was one of our election pledges to the community to have a zebra crossing installed at this location, as a lot of concerned residents raised issues about road safety.”

This particular location is a hot spot for near misses and a recent accident, which resulted in a pedestrian being seriously injured and needing hospital treatment. As soon as the councillors were elected in 2019, one of their first acts was to pay for the feasibility studies to be done from their ward funds.

The councillors recognised the zebra crossing will improve road safety, and hope it will encourage more parents and children to walk to school. Councillors believe walking to school will be beneficial for the health and wellbeing of children, and the reduction in use of vehicles will improve the air quality around the school site.

Cllr Abu Sultan added; "We are delighted we could deliver on our promise to the community. There was huge demand for a crossing here due to the safety concerns the residents and wider community had. We will continue to work with our residents and Bedford Borough highways officers to improve road safety across Cauldwell Ward."

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