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Cauldwell Councillors welcome Ampthill Road Speed Cameras

Cauldwell Labour Councillors have welcomed the recent installation of speed cameras on Ampthill Road, Bedford. Speeding and bad driving habits are the most frequently raised issue to Cauldwell Councillors Fouzia Atiq and Abu Sultan when they are speaking with residents in the Ampthill Road area. The road is busy and residents were concerned for the safety of themselves and especially the safety of their children. At the request of residents of the Ampthill Road area, Cllrs Fouzia Atiq and Abu Sultan have been lobbying Bedford Borough Council to have these average speed cameras installed.

Fouzia and Abu said: "As ward councillors, we always try to ensure concerns raised to us by our residents are followed through and heard by Bedford Borough Council officers. Although it took some time due to the availability of cameras, our persistence has paid off and we are pleased the average speed cameras have now been installed.

"All the evidence suggests road safety improves where speed cameras are installed. We want to make sure all areas of Cauldwell Ward are pleasant and safe for residents."

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