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Bedford Labour Group backs ‘Stop the Squeeze’ Campaign to stop Government imposing Council Tax rises

STOP THE SQUEEZE – Bedford Labour Councillors launch campaign to protect working people from more Conservative Council Tax rises at next week’s Budget.

Bedford Labour Councillors are backing a nationwide campaign to STOP THE SQUEEZE – to demand an end to unfair Council Tax rises in next week’s Budget.

The move comes after a punishing few weeks which has already left families hundreds of pounds worse off thanks to an Autumn triple whammy – the hike in National Insurance, higher energy prices and a £1,000 cut to Universal Credit.

Under the Conservatives, average Council Tax bills have already risen 13% (£227) in just three years. In last year’s Budget, Chancellor Rishi Sunak dropped a £2bn Council Tax bombshell on families, forcing the average household bill up by another £80. Published Conservative spending plans show the Chancellor is planning another massive Council Tax rise again this year.

Launching the campaign, which will see Labour Councillors from across the country deliver a petition to Downing Street next week, Labour Group Leader Sue Oliver said:

“Enough is enough. Here in Bedford Borough household budgets are being squeezed to bursting by sky-high energy bills, the £20 a week cut to Universal Credit, and the new Tory tax hike on National Insurance. People can’t take any more.

“Thanks to the Conservatives, Council Tax bills have increased more than £220 since 2019, the year that Boris Johnson became Prime Minister. Yet incredibly the Tories want to hammer working families again – at the worst possible time.”

“The Prime Minister and Chancellor must Stop the Squeeze on families in Bedford Borough by funding local services properly and ruling out further unfair Council Tax rises in this year’s Budget.”

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