JENNI JACKSON, Mayoral Candidate

Jenni Jackson is the Labour's Mayoral candidate for the Borough Council election on 2 May.

Jenni Jackson
Jenni Jackson
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Facebook: @Jenni4Bedford 
Twitter: @Jenni4Bedford 
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We are delighted that Jenni Jackson has been selected as Labour's Mayoral Candidate for Bedford Borough.

The role of an elected Mayor requires working at top level, influencing important regional bodies and business leaders to bring growth to Bedford Borough’s economy, liaising with MPs and ministers, juggling sensitive political situations and, all the while, presenting a good image of the council in front of the media. It is a high-profile and complex role.


Jenni brings a wealth of experience to the contest for Mayor, having previously served as a Bedford Borough Councillor, worked in a variety of roles, and volunteered with numerous local community groups over the 45 years she has lived in the Borough.

Speaking after the result was announced, Jenni said: “I believe Bedford Borough needs a new Mayor with the skills and experience to fight for the best for every resident. 


"I have lived and worked in the Borough for nearly 45 years, experienced both town and rural life, brought up four sons, and run my own small business here. I am a passionate champion for Bedford and all it has to offer, and will bring a fresh vision to the Borough.

"Bedford Borough needs a strong Labour Mayor. We face some serious challenges in Bedford caused by austerity. We need a fresh vision for Bedford, one that grows our economy by bringing more skilled jobs to the Borough, while tackling the problems which blight our home town. 


"I will challenge the Conservative Government to give Bedford its fair share of funding. I will encourage businesses to move to Bedford and provide the good jobs young people need. I will do my best to tackle the problems the Borough faces, from homelessness to crime."


Only a Labour Mayor will put the people of Bedford Borough first; Jenni will be that Mayor.